The fourth Bridging the Gap conference

This took place in the University of Brighton on 14 November, 2016 and was chaired by John Walker and Dr Pamela Perniss. The summary from the University of Brighton’s website is below –

The Bridging the Gap conference addresses the role and position of minority group intellectuals in the social sciences, in particular with respect to Deaf academics and the Deaf community. The conference seeks to renew the relationship between Deaf Studies and the Deaf community, within the important context of establishing a network of Deaf scholars, encouraging Deaf individuals to work within academia, and working to challenge the stigma surrounding deafness. It also seeks to advance the communication between Deaf and hearing people by bridging the gap in access to information and communication strategies.
This year, at Bridging the Gap #4, we aim to bring Deaf people, community organisations and research communities together to ‘bridge the gap’. Already, Deaf and hearing researchers work together with the common aim of developing their research interests with the Deaf community; how this is best done is the challenge. This conference will focus specifically on the methods and methodologies we use.

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